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On-demand education and professional development for private lesson instructors and 1:1 coaching for creatives of all kinds building their businesses.


1-Hour Coaching Session

1 hour coaching session to get clarity on what you want and initial actions to get there.

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3-Hour Coaching Session

In this deep-dive session, we'll spend a morning (or afternoon) getting into your goals, what's holding you back, and map out an action plan and some routines to support you along the way.

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Five 1-Hour Coaching Sessions

Consistency is key in this five-session package.  We will spend the initial session getting clear on what you want, initial steps to get there, and map out how to best use the remaining sessions.  (For some, this might look like an action plan, for others it will be more intuitively led as we get clearer and clearer on your what you want).

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