Hello, I'm Lesley Barth 

I'm a singer/songwriter and teaching artist based in Nashville, and I've taught thousands of music lessons. 

I deeply believe that if you know what you're teaching, you can learn how to teach it, and I want to make music lessons better for everyone.

My Mission

I want musicians to have better lessons, feel good about teaching, and grow a meaningful stable income stream in an industry that’s wildly unpredictable.

I started The Teaching Artist Toolkit to build the resources I wasn’t finding in my own teaching practice - I wanted a simpler, more efficient, and holistic approach to teaching engaging, fun, and above all, effective lessons that felt like a PART of my artistry, not in competition with it.


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My Story

I’m Lesley Barth, a singer/songwriter and teaching artist.

I’ve released two records, toured regionally around New York City and down the east coast, taught thousands of lessons on piano, guitar, ukulele, voice, and songwriting - both through schools and privately - and I help working musicians build teaching practices of their own that feel good, that their students LOVE, and, importantly, that bring them predictable, regular income outside of gigging hours.

After my son was born in spring of 2021, I had to dramatically simplify how I prepped and taught lessons, and came up with an approach and system that changed the game not just for me, but for my students. 

I also offer workshops with university music programs and private music schools on how to teach great lessons.

Outside of my music career, I spent 7 years in corporate America, and ended up building and running a learning and development program for sales reps at a global tech firm.  

So, I’m kind of nerdy about synthesizing information, putting it into a simple, and easy-to-digest formula, communicating it effectively, and teaching others how to communicate it effectively.

I live in Nashville (after a decade in NYC) with my musician husband and one-year old son, love taking long walks, have built this business during nap time (always down to swap time-saving tips), and get a truly disproportionate thrill from MacGyvering a solution to a strange problem (#resourceful).

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