The quality of your teaching is the quality of your business.

Learn how to teach great lessons and set your professional development on autopilot with a holistic approach to teaching music lessons - a fit for teachers of all levels and instruments.

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Learn what GREAT looks like.


Wherever you are on your teaching journey, my holistic approach can get you (or your studio teachers) trained and growing at any stage.

The Teaching Artist Toolkit:

A Game Plan for Great Lessons

Build yourself an engine for teaching great lessons with our signature online course.

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Monthly Mastery for Private Instructors

Monthly training and professional development for musicians who teach.


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Monthly training and professional development for your music studio teachers.


A bit about me :)


Hi, I'm Lesley Barth and I've taught thousands of lessons to all ages (and across several instruments), and use my holistic approach to teaching lessons to help my students thrive and musicians craft the best lessons out there. 

I learned the Hard Way (capital H and W very much intended) how to teach, and once I figured out a simple system, everything became a hundred times easier. 

And what's more, teaching felt joyful and creative again. 

AND - for the very first time - an extension of my artistry, not something competing with my gigs and songwriting for my attention.

I knew I had to share this with others, and even though I was deep in newborn-land with my first child, I wrote a book, made a course, and started coaching and consulting on great lessons.


I'm a firm believer that no single resource or worksheet or song is going to help you if you don't know HOW to teach effectively, and that is what I teach in my programs.


I'm so happy you're here - take a look around and drop me a line at [email protected] 

 - Lesley

"I'm brand new to teaching - what should I do first?"

When you're just starting out, it can be - in a word -  overwhelming. 

There's a lot of great info out there - and, well, some not so great. 

But even the great stuff is spread far and wide, and if you don't know what resources you're looking for, it's going to be a big headache.

I created The Teaching Artist Toolkit: A Game Plan for Great Lessons to be THE course for musicians starting to teach lessons (AND teaching musicians who've been at it for a while but know there's a better way.)

My holistic approach dramatically simplifies what a lesson is, and how to teach great ones.

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"I've been teaching for a while - but there must be a better way.

Oh man, I know it well.  Teaching can be very lonely, confusing, and, frankly, exhausting. 

Being "on" for hours at end with students of vastly different abilities, learning styles, and sometimes instruments will wear you down - have a rock-solid understanding of teaching fundamentals and a custom-built teaching engine to support you!

There is indeed a better way, and it's a way that streamlines, simplifies, and invigorates your practice with joy and artistry.

I outline this approach in my course, The Teaching Artist Toolkit; A Game Plan for Great Lessons, and we build upon this knowledge every single month in my Monthly Mastery program.

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Inside The Teaching Artist Toolkit:

A Game Plan for Great Lessons...

Learn What Great IS

Before we do anything else, you have to know what a great lesson looks and feels like - from both your perspective and a student's perspective.

Then, of course, we'll break down exactly how to get there in 6 modules, and 14 trainings.

Build Your Own Toolkit

If you think there is a single set of "must-have" worksheets, songs, or lesson books for teaching great lessons, well you'd be mistaken.

But the process of CREATING your own toolkit that will actually support what and how you teach is going to have a massive impact on your confidence, preparedness, and knowledge around teaching great lessons.


Learn How To Get & KEEP Students

This is a course on teaching great lessons, but once you master that - there is a TON you can do to start to get the word out.

I fundamentally believe (and I've seen this many times): if you teach great lessons, marketing and getting more students becomes a LOT simpler.

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Chris Peters

"I cannot recommend this course highly enough."

Shannon Nöel

"I went from being scared of teaching to now having a growing voice studio."

Hannah Helbig

“I cannot tell you how helpful your book is to me!"

Matt Butler

“Thank you for putting this wonderful tool(kit) into the world!"

If you teach music lessons (or want to start), you need support. 


You don't have to go at it alone or learn the hard way - there is a very simple (not easy, but simple!) approach to teaching that you can learn which will radically enhance your growth as a teacher (not to mention - you'll just enjoy it all a heck of a lot more!)

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As William Arthur Ward said "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

Music Studio Owners: the quality of your teaching is the quality of your business.

As a studio owners, you're likely spinning many plates in the air, and it's easy for the urgent (payroll, admin, scheduling) to come at the cost of the important (teacher professional development).

Let us help with custom workshops, consulting, and bulk discounts for our core training products.   

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